Co-travelling Adventures & Retreat Weeks

where would we be without mates, passion and adventure!

Our Vision

We spend a lot of our time traveling and so have mates from all parts of the globe. We want to create a chance for everyone to get away from the rat race and create some amazing memories amidst a hectic life.   A time to explore & enjoy this amazing planet, network with new and old friends, share good food, learn something, and have a great balance of an active life and some well earned rejuvenation.

What we do

This project was dreamt up by two people from opposite sides of the globe wanting to get a bunch of mates together to create experiences all over the world. The aim of is not to make money for us (we have “real jobs” too). We see it rather as an opportunity to get people travelling together, to network and create some good mojo while we are exploring this amazing planet! We put on a few retreats and adventures each year for our mates to have a great experience somewhere with other people looking to do the same.  We always try to get a bit creative with our trips and want everyone to leave feeling like they can check a few things of their bucket lists.

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About the founders

this project is becoming a great way for a lot of people to keep their sanity and get back to what matters amidst a hectic life but if you feel like you are the type who needs to do your homework before you head off with people who are not the right fit then feel free to read a little about us

About Us