What we do

This project was dreamt up by two people from opposite sides of the globe wanting to get a bunch of mates together to create experiences all over the world. The aim of is not to make money for us (we have “real jobs” too). We see it rather as an opportunity to get people travelling together, to network and create some good mojo while we are exploring this amazing planet! We put on a few retreats and adventures each year for our mates to have a great experience somewhere with other people looking to do the same.  We always try to get a bit creative with our trips and want everyone to leave feeling like they can check a few things of their bucket lists.

Some trips are designed for specific purposes, such as for health or business professional as a chance to have a great time away getting grounded, learning something related to their field and network; Others are designed to take you on a journey; While others still are designed to allow you to really chill out & get back to what matters

Our Vision

We want to create a chance for busy professionals, small business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs to get away from the rat race. A time to explore & enjoy this amazing planet, network with new and old mates, share good food, learn something, and have a great balance of an active life and some well earned rejuvenation.


We really want you to have a great time on retreat or on our adventure and it’s really more like becoming part of our ever extending group of mates around the world. To this end we really try hard to respect the world we live in so all our activities and accommodation is chosen with care for it. What we mean by this is we always try to pick places to stay in order that support the people there rather than big chains. We also use accommodation that has a focus on sustainability for the environment. When we are picking restaurants or anything from touring a ruin in greece to kayaking in Byron bay we try to support industries that are giving it a really good go to promote mindfulness to the environment and other people


We think that everyone should have a good balance while they are away and be able to explore the moment in everything they do day to day. So we usually include a component of getting active with things like surfing, kayaking, hiking, biking, sailing, or even going out for a dance  as well as a chance to enjoy a quieter moment with things like yoga, meditation or simply a good sun bake or cocktail by the pool.

Accommodation style:

We go to a lot of effort to pick the best accommodation for you to enjoy your time away and to create a style that really is in keeping with the feeling of the area you have come to explore. With everything from boutique villas in Thailand to camping under the stars in the Moroccan desert, we really try to make sure your can put your head down somewhere super comfortable, after all you are holiday. In any case your accommodation is handpicked and run by super friendly people who really look after their place & love to show it off.


We are total foodies and because we love great food we go to an extra effort to search for thee best places to eat around town. We also prefer to pick places that have often homegrown, local and organic local flavours where we can to help out the environment and local people.