Come travelling with us

Join us on a co-travelling adventure to destinations that inspire us and we hope will inspire you as well!

These trips were first set up because we love to travel and wanted to bring some other people along for the ride who we can network with and create amazing experiences with. They are not designed to make profits but rather to allow everyone to get away together ( as a full disclosure the only thing we cover is our costs for the trip- flights, activities, food & accommodation- because it takes a lot to organsie and maintain the site) . Most are designed for professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelancers around their 30′s (give or take a few years) who don’t really want to go on a generic package tour but either really don’t have the time to organize a great trip away or want to travel with a bunch of other go getter people that they can make connections with from around the globe. They are also designed for people who are mindful of the places, spaces, food, and goings on when away and conscious about the impact these things have on our beautiful planet.The trips have a focus on enjoying our planet and feeding the soul with a good mix of travelling, chilling out, learning something, getting active & meeting great people who want to do the same.

For more information about our accommodation, food and all those important bits and pieces see our trip style page or refer to the individual trip for a few photos and inspirations.

Our up and coming adventures:


Previous trip – Morocco: From the Atlantic to the Sahara 

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Sailing the Mediterranean: A greek island Adventure

May 2014

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Western Australia: Ningaloo Reef Whaleshark Adventure

 April 2014

this was originally conceived as a longer trip however after working through the details we decided to leave this as a 1 week escape with a great chance to relax as well as some great activities in the afternoon including diving/ snorkelling with the whale sharks who will be around this time of year. We will also be going walkabout in the desert and doing some mindfulness and yoga. This is going to be so much fun!

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